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Vendor Finance

  • More Flexible
  • Easy to use
  • Access Funds immediately
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Vendor Finance

Vendor financing is basically Buyer (You) assisting your Suppliers and Contractors (Vendor) in obtaining financing.

Vendor financing helps Buyer (You) in procuring goods and services without requiring Buyer (You) to secure traditional bank loans or pledge their assets as collateral.

Vendor financing offers numerous other advantages. Not only does it help your suppliers and contractors cultivate strong credit histories, but it also allows the them to build up their capacity in servicing Buyer (You). It also gives Buyer (you) more choice of vendors as some vendors may not have the financial capacity without the vendor financing.

Benefits of Vendor Finance from Planworth

  • Reduction of administrative cost attributable to improved process capability in invoice receipting, approving, e-invoicing and overall procurement
  • Improving suppliers’ relationship
  • Reduction of Trade Receivables and increase in cash position
  • Faster access to cash at advantageous rates for your vendors
  • Strong cooperation with vendors creates a competitive advantage
  • Faster cash conversion cycle from delivery to cash for your vendors

How it works?

The whole cycle of vendor financing will be managed by professional team from Planworth who are mostly ex-bankers.


  • Minimum Documents
  • Fast Approvel
  • Credit Freindly
  • No Collateral Required