Supply Chain Finance

Supplier Finance for you as a Supplier

Through a Buyer-led Supplier Finance programme, Planworth Global Factoring will provide an early payment to you based on confirmed invoices by your Buyer. Here’s how it works:

1. As a supplier, you deliver the goods and invoice to your buyer.

2. Your buyer sends us the invoice listing.

3. We provide you with early payment.

4. We collect payment from your buyer on the invoice due date.

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Buyer Finance for you as a Buyer

Through a Seller-led programme, Planworth Global Factoring will help you to finance your purchase from your Seller. Here’s how it works:

1. Your seller sells goods and invoices to you.

2. You submit copies of your invoices on or before invoice due date.

3. We pay your seller on your behalf.

4. You repay us on financing due date.

Planworth Advantages

Supply Chain
Pre – shipment Financing

Cover working capital needs of Seller for sourcing manufacturing and delivery expenses to ensure fulfillment of delivery to Buyer.

Supply Chain
Early Payment Discounting

A buyer-centuric solutions where the Banks assist the Buyer to pay sellers in advance, price to the original due date of the invoice.

Supply Chain
Receivables Financing

Sellers can obtain financing prior to invoice due date by seller assigning their receivable to the Bank.

Dealer Financing

Provide financing to Buyers to cover holding of goods for sale and to bridge liquidity gap until they receive funds from sale of goods to end-customer.