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SME Business Loan

SME’s are the backbone of the Malaysian economy. They are accounted for more than a third of Malaysian (GDP) gross domestic product and employing more than four million people.

Government Policies:

The National SME Development Council (NSDC) has continued to lead Malaysian SME development by providing strategic direction, defining regulation SME Funding Malaysia, and creating policies to encourage the growth of SMEs in all sectors.

Government authorities are taking steps to create regulations that make it easier for small and medium businesses to obtain non-bank SME Business Loan options, particularly for SMEs that are creative, high-growth, and engaged in new growth sectors. Financial options such as equity crowd funding, investment account platforms (IAP), and peer-to-peer (P2P) lending are altering the financial environment and are projected to give new options to SME Funding Malaysia.

SME's Financial Challenges:

Entering the business world is big courage and achievement, but keeping it running is a real challenge for many entrepreneurs. As your company expands, various difficulties may arise, and if you don’t find a suitable option like SME Business Loan, your establishment might collapse.

How can Planworth assist you?

We are a government-approved SME loan provider with a range of solutions to help you at various business development stages. Our customer testimonials confirm we are serious in our desire to establish and develop a business relationship with you from the outset. In line with our Mission and Vision, we provide solutions to help you strengthen your company, day-to-day fund operations, and plan for future expansion.

A Planworth as one of the leading Malaysian development financial institutions, we want to help you grow your networking capital. We can tailor your company finance plan to meet your specific needs and help you enhance your businesses’ credit-rating by processing your request  well within time.

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