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Invoice financing

Are you facing a shortage of capital or cash?

Cash on hand is fuel for your business. It enables you to fulfill your obligations, which means you must have adequate cash resources at all the time to fulfill financial commitments to upcoming projects, payment to employees, venders, handling taxes and etc . The outstanding invoices, longer credit period and unexpected delay in payment from customer is disastrous and keeps you away from making good revenue, break your reputation and credit rating . Waiting for invoices to get paid can be aggravating, so why not obtain the money you need right away?

  • Would you swap your unpaid bills for immediate cash?
  • In this situation, invoice financing can offer you fresh breath and peace of mind.

What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice financing offers you a facility to free up funds tied up with outstanding clients’ invoices without waiting for months or weeks for payment without increasing your liability.

Any business, either small or big, can get the advantage of invoice financing if they regularly invoice their client for goods or services delivered. It provides a simple, flexible, and easy approach to manage cash flow and get prompt payment for delivered goods and services.

For success, you should be well equipped!

Having big sums of money locked up in your debtors might significantly stifle your company’s expansion. However, cash flow is one of the strongest weapons to fight all business necessities to fulfill day-to-day expenses and support expansions. Invoice Finance offers you to unlock up to 95% of the cash stuck in your outstanding invoices.

How can Planworth save you?

Planworth understands your financial needs and allows you access to financial assistance as soon as you invoice, which can assist you in paying off your creditor bills and monthly commitment on schedule. We offer the best Invoice Finance solution to keep your business smooth running. Being the leading factoring company, we offer unique and relationship approaches to deal and resolve your financial challenges.

Therefore, we strongly encourage you to try our invoice financing service to get financial ease instead of waiting. Larger corporations and SMEs both can equally get benefit from PLANWORTH’s Invoice Finance services. You will also get the free guidance of our experienced professional Relationship Manager in providing you with the options to meet your challenges and your preferences

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